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faqHow can I afford a pool?

It is a lot easier than you think to own a pool. Not only are there many different pricing options for adding a pool to your home, but the type of pool, materials, accessories, and landscaping you choose determine the overall cost of the project. Also keep in mind that owning your own pool will help reduce costs of vacationing. Instead of traveling and paying membership dues for a community pool, you have the choice of stepping into your backyard for a personal getaway. Keeping your kids in your own backyard is another major benefit. Not to mention, most pets enjoy pools as well.

faqWill my pool become my second job?

Maintaining a quality fiberglass pool actually is a lot easier and less time consuming than caring for your lawn or car.

faqAre there major differences in manufacturing methods of Fiberglass pools?

Yes, you will find major differences in the methods companies use to produce pools as well as the terms of warranties offered. Ask your fiberglass specialist to explain to you why our product is truly superior in construction and warranty. When you purchase a pool from us, you make a sound solid financial investment for years to come!

faqDo fiberglass pools only come in white?

No, there are many color options available to you. Over the past few years there has been a major transition in the fiberglass market place. Some fiberglass pool companies are now playing catch up so there quality isn’t as good as ones that have been providing color technology for years. This is one important topic to discuss with your specialist.

faqHow long does installation take?

A complete understanding of the design and installation process will give you a better idea of how long it will take. While most pools are completed in under a few weeks, permit delays and weather conditions sometimes make the building process seem longer. No matter the issue, our staff will communicate directly with you to give you an accurate schedule.

faqWhat are the risks and liabilities of pool ownership?

First, contract a reputable pool builder to install your pool. Once your pool is up and running, reduce risk and liability by ensuring adult supervision at all times and carefully reading/following safety materials. Also check with your insurance broker to make sure that you have proper insurance coverage.

faqDo fiberglass pools have a bathtub look?

At, we pride ourselves in our installation and decorative finishing of our fiberglass pool. The end product will be a high end look rather then the traditional bathtub look. Cantilever concrete on your pool is an important element in changing the look of any pool.

faqI’ve seen fiberglass pools that are 30 year old with stress cracks. Will my pool crack?

Fiberglass pools produced thirty years ago will have stress cracks and the bathtub look. Today’s technology provides us with state of the art gel coats and fiberglass matting backed by warranties that enable you to enjoy years of enjoyment trouble free. offers fiberglass pools that last for a lifetime. Our warranty is the absolute best in the industry. Ask us why.

faqIs it possible to achieve an 8′ depth in a fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools can be upto 9’ in depth. However, nine out of ten families request pools only 6′ deep-a 6′ depth deep end provides much more useable swim area for the family and friends.

faqWill installing a pool create a real estate liability?

Banks and other financial lenders actually favor swimming pools-they consider it an improvement to the home, which increases both the current and resale value.

faqIs there a lot of repair work associated with a pool?

Proper maintenance and cleaning prevent pools from unscheduled refurbishing. With fiberglass pools, 90% of traditional pool upkeep is eliminated, including liner replacements and concrete pool resurfacing. Research your pool builder’s work and ask about maintenance of different pool types to get a better understanding of required maintenance.

faqMy electric bill is high enough…will the pool increase my bill even more?

Average estimates show that your utility bill may increase by $50 or less. Compared to the expenses of entertainment, trips to the community pool, gas, food, or vacations, that’s a fraction of the cost.